Department of Surgical Oncology

Magadh Cancer Centre

Department of Surgical Oncology


What is Surgical Oncology?

Our experienced team of surgical oncologists ensure surgical removal of the tumour at the site of occurrence. Our experts offer one of the best, safest, and most effective cancer treatment procedures which include but not limited to:

Diagnosis of cancer and determining its stage by doing a biopsy or other methods.
Surgically removing the tumour or a part of it.
Surgically removing the tumour along with other affected body parts.
Reconstructing parts that are affected due to the surgical treatment

We have team of expertise in

Breast Cancer surgery
Oral cancer surgeries
Head and Neck Cancer surgeries
Head and Neck Cancer surgeries
Gastrointestinal cancer surgeries
Urogential cancer surgeries
Gynaecological cancer surgeries
Bone and soft tissue Sarcoma surgeries
Gynaecological cancer surgeries
Reconstructive and Oncoplastic surgeries

Immunotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted therapy for cancer treatment offer advantages over conventional chemotherapy in being more specific to the cancer cells henceforth, lesser adverse effects to the patient.