Department of OncoPathology

Magadh Cancer Centre

Department of OncoPathology


What is OncoPathology?

Oncopathology, to put it simply, is a niche branch of medicine which deals with diagnosing cancer through an array of tests done on patient samples ranging from tissue biopsies to body fluids.

The department of Laboratory Services plays a crucial role in supporting patient care by providing accurate and timely diagnosis which in turn has tremendous therapeutic implications. Our team of highly trained Doctors, medical technologists and clerical personnel, assure rapid TAT and efficient reporting of test results.

Scope of Service and Complexity of Care:

Our faculty, along with medical technologists, supported by state of the art equipment, leaves no stone unturned to ensure a proper diagnosis for each patient. The Laboratory is NABH accredited & soon to be NABL accredited.

The Laboratory Services is further organized into following Departments:
Histopathology and Cytopathology.
Immuno Histo Chemistry.
Flow Cytometry.
Cytogenetic and F.I.S.H.
Transfusion Services.


Cancer Diagnosis

A diagnosis of cancer may be suspected based on history and physical examination but requires confirmation by biopsy and histopathologic examination. Sometimes the first indication is an abnormal laboratory test result (eg, anemia resulting from colon cancer). A complete history and physical examination may reveal unexpected clues to early cancer.

Histopathology and Cytopathology

Histopathology and cytopathology form the backbone of oncology patient management, more so in a tertiary care . Our lab maintains highest levels of quality to ensure most accurate and timely diagnostic services.

The laboratory is well equipped with latest and hi-tech equipments as follows :-
Fully automated vacuum assisted tissue processor
Cytospin for cytology
Fully automated immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Embedding station

The faculty members perform the following functions in Histopathology and Cytopathology

All tissues/aspirates /other cytological preparations are examined by highly trained and competent oncopathologists and cytopathologists

Annually report approximately 5,000 histopathology and an additional 2000 cytology exercising tight control on turnaround time.

The routine microscopic examination is supplemented by special stains &IHC whenever required. The IHC paraphrenalia consists of 120 IHC markers of diagnostic and prognostic implications. More than 8,000 IHC tests are performed annually.

Provides rapid frozen section diagnosis for surgeries performed in the operating room or in the outpatient clinics. About 700 Frozen sections are performed annually. The technical staff has been well trained for delivering good quality sections and staining.

Provides rapid diagnosis for all cytology specimens comprising of FNAC, PAP smears, exfoliative cytology, body fluids etc

Hematopathology is an indispensible and distinct division of pathology department. It encompasses a wide range of blood, bone marrow and related disorders including both benign and malignant diseases.